Split Wire Loom: Inner Diameter 22mm
Great for organising and protecting multiple cables. This tube is split along its entire length making it easy to add and remove cables from it.
It is also very flexible and durable making it perfect for custom wire installations where an AV or power cable needs to be fed through sharp corners or areas with fluctuating temperatures.
This wire loom is also available in larger and smaller diameters.

Automotive uses
Great for use in automotive applications such as installing power cables in your car. For example, if you are running a power cable from a fuse block to your amp.
You’ll need a cable management solution such as loom tubing to protect your cable from heat and abrasions, especially when the cable is runnning under the hood of your car.

Wire Harnesses
Loom tubing is also perfect for installing and protecting custom wire harnesses. For example, you can bunch all your AV cables into one tube segment for running a signal between a TV or Projector to other devices such as your amp and DVD player.

This tubing can also serve as a cable management solution for your home office. You can easily bunch together all of your computer’s networking and power cables through one tube segment.

– Split for easy installation and cable access
– Protects against temperatures up to (93oC)
– Protects cables from heat, automotive fluids, friction and punctures
– Made of Polypropylene