Straight or branch joint with Magic Power Gel for extruded insulation cables up to 1 kV

Joints for extruded cables F(R)G7OR 0.6/1 kV. Easy installation, composed of two anti-fracture plastic shells, to be filled with non-toxic quick cross linking bicomponent insulation such as Magic Power Gel. Suitable for installation in traps, channels or directly underground or under water. Non-toxic, safe, light and re-enterable. Thanks to the softness of the insulation, they are able to absorb external shock without cracking or fracturing. The extreme stickiness of the insulation together with its softness allow it to transmit water pressure for installation even at high depths.

  • Re-enterable and inspectable joint
  • Insulated with Magic Power Gel, the innovative self-amalgamating gel
  • For installations even in harsh conditions and high depths!
  • Extremely adherent and tight sealing
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • No shelf life

– UV resistant