MPgel PLUS is a reusable two-component silicone gel, for insulation and sealing of boxes and junction boxes with electrical connections of up to 1 kV or electronic components, suitable for its properties with a variety of applications. The two components are supplied in separate containers to always ensure the correct mixing ratio of 1:1. MPgel PLUS can also be used partially as needed, and then used when opened to maximize the results. MPgel PLUS is characterised by an extremely low mesh time, which allows quick installation and short waiting times for commissioning. The measuring cups are equipped with a capacity of 1 and 10 litres, so that the mixture is always precise and without detour. MPgel 100 comes with the new 1 litre carafe, which allows you to mix the entire contents of the bottles in one step, which is also faster than the installation. The gel in the bag contains the system of Colata Perforation (SCP) and allows the user to contact the part when opening the bag. The spout with a cylindrical base with serrated tip and encased on a ring inside the envelope allows for liquid and even pouring without accidental transitions. The low viscosity allows easy gluing of MPgel PLUS and also ensures a quick and safe filling of containers and gaps. After the grille, the MPgel PLUS can be easily removed without tools even after a long time. MPgel PLUS is non-toxic, non-irritant, odourless and solvent-free and is approved as a non-hazardous product according to European regulations. 1272/2008 (CLP) High stiffness (25.5 kV/mm) Large operating temperature range (-60 to 200 oC) L