Simrad EP70 Epirb Auto, radio transmitter indicating the emergency position. Designed to be used as a primary alarm for ships in distress, when activated it transmits the ID of the ship in distress. The high intensity LED positioned at the top of the antenna ensures optimal visibility in the most difficult conditions. Compact size, completely sealed, design proof of any tampering, these features make the Simrad EPIRBs the ideal solution for those who need a small EPIRB with maximum security. Meets IMO SOLAS requirements. The Simrad EP70 Auto is equipped with a hydrostatic mechanism that automatically activates the emergency signal once the EPIRB is submerged at sea. Technical specifications: Made of reinforced polycarbonate. Operating temperature -20 C to + 55 C. Diameter 128 mm, height 340 mm, weight 0.68 kg. 12 V DC power supply. Battery capacity: 2900 mAh. Battery type: Lithium metal. Warranty 5 years.